Jeroen Venneman

Jeroen Venneman has 20+ years of experience in Agile Transformation consultancy, training and coaching. He started the company EnterAgile in 2017, the Agile Masterclass Institute and a collaboration with Agile360 in 2018. Enter the Agile Mindset is his motto.

Jeroen is also board member of the Agile Consortium, Certify To Inspire examiner, organizer and speaker on Agile events and (co-) author of several books and articles.

Jeroen is inspired by and trying to inspire others with Agile. Creating and growing an agile community inside and cross organizations, connecting people with the same passion, unleashing the potential entrepreneurship within people, teams and organizations.

Within Rabobank Jeroen is involved in the Agile transformation from training and coaching Agile Champions to facilitating the Board of Directors.